• Tuesday , 24 April 2018

You Simply Must Have These Clothing Items in Your Wardrobe

In all honesty, most items which are found in women’s closets are not worn on regular basis, and don’t constitute as wardrobe essentials. However, there are certain garments that every woman should have in her closet in order to make sure that her outfit will always be on point. Let’s see what those few necessary items in every girl’s wardrobe are:

A Good Pair of Jeans 2. jeans

While finding a perfect pair of jeans seems downright impossible, most women will agree that this timeless piece of denim has made their life much easier. This is the item on which you can rely on in just about any moment, regardless of the season, time of the day or occasion. Paired with sneakers and a plain tee, it makes a nice casual outfit, while you can always opt for a more elegant look in a combination with high heels and a silky blouse.

A Button-Down Shirt2. button down shirt

Whether you are going to the office, a café with your girlfriends or you’re planning a night out in the town, a button-down shirt should always be one of your first choices. Quite similar to jeans, a button-down shirt also counts as a classic piece and goes amazingly with any outfit combination. When picking out a shirt, the best solution is to opt for a black or white shirt, as you will never have to worry about mismatching the style or colour of your preferred outfit combo.

A Blazer Jacket2. blazer jacket

While most peoplebelieve that blazers are worn solely in office environments, or on formal gatherings, the truth is that this piece of clothing should be an essential garment in every girl’s closet. The reasons are pretty simple: blazers are masters of creating business-casual outfits; they can be combined with just about anything, and they will still look amazing; they are great for those chilly autumn evenings, and most importantly – they are super comfortable. In short terms, blazers count as throw on miracles.

A Fancy Dress2. dress

Even the rowdiest types of girls find themselves in situationswhere they need to dress up, put on a glamorous outfit and act like superstars. Special occasions, dinner dates and wedding events require a certain type of attire, and that is wherehaving a nice assortment of dresses in your closet comes in handy. Work with your body type and decide on something that fits you best. Most people claim that the LBD is suitable for anyone, but you can always break the rules and opt for a draped or an A-line dress.

A Pair of Black Heels2. black heels

Comfort should be the main starting point when it comes to picking out the right pair of shoes. But when it comes to the style of the shoe, nothing can overpass the wonder of the classic black pump. Simple, elegant, stylish and just plain magnificent, every girl’s closet should be equipped with a pair of these.

Most girls don’t wish to find Narnia when they open up their wardrobe; they would be perfectly satisfied with an arsenal of stylish shoes, a wide array of fancy clothing items and a variety of shiny accessories. And it still wouldn’t suffice. (And they would still claim that they have nothing to wear.) The best you can do is equip your closet with these essential garments and learn how to combine them accordingly.


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