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Which is the best occupation to give Eternity Ring

Exchange of engagement rings and wedding rings on the occasion is quiet usual and it will be the beginning of a new life for two souls at the moment they don’t know about each other completely. Whereas they will be in the initial stage of sharing love and care even they will be spending only the beautiful moments together. In the real life will begins after the marriage only as they need to face new things in their life and have to live with reality also to support each other then need to solve any problems together likewise they need to share their life with each other. The love blossoming after marriage is more beautiful than the love they had before marriage.

Anniversary will be the wonderful occasion for married couples to show their love after marriage and the best way to express their love is by gifting their beloved with eternity ring which is the token of eternal love. Couples use to exchange the eternity rings at the time of celebrating their wedding anniversary which symbolizes the pure love between them. The eternity ring can be a perfect gift during the anniversary whereas this gift can make your love to feel special but presenting the ring to your beloved wife at the time. When she tells she is going to give birth to your first child makes even more special and she will feel very happy than ever because of not its value as she see that ring as your love for her.


  • Eternity rings were usually exchanged by the couples during their anniversary through which expresses the everlasting love between husband and wife.
  • Eternity ring remains as a milestone anniversary that reminds the path they crossed together.
  • It not only signifies the time spent together and will be a fortune for the never ending future you planned to spend together.
  • Eternity ring is usually worn on the third finger of the left hand next to the engagement or wedding ring and it has no particular finger as it can be worn on any finger.
  • Also Eternity ring can be given as a way of renewing your special vows to one another.

History behind the eternity ring

Eternity rings were not only present in these days as this concept of rings were exist in the early days. The concept of eternity rings have been introduced in Egyptian times approximately over 4000 years back. The notion of the Egyptians in using the eternity rings is simply to show the token of both eternal love and life they hadn’t introduced to use this for celebrating on any special occasion.

  • Egyptians used the eternity ring as a representation of the union or bond between the two souls.
  • In early times, the eternity ring were made of metal in the shape of ordinary circle and designed like a serpent swallowing its own tail this symbolized eternity referred to as the ouroboros.

In modern times the eternity ring are gifted in the occasion of anniversary and they are available in different styles then they were designed with diamonds, gemstones or with diamonds and gemstones in gold or platinum ring. Eternity rings remains as a traditional gift for anniversary and the eternity rings can get in finger size as you can change according to it mostly women likes eternity ring covered with 50% of stones which made the rings as resizing that makes it more durable.

Choose the type of eternity ring to your better half

You can get the eternity ring as you like and based on your comfort then for the occasion you need because they exist in different types. The eternity rings commonly available in two types are full eternity ring and half eternity ring. The full eternity ring is the eternity ring with diamonds or gemstones completely around the circumference of the ring due to the presence of stones in a complete outline made inconvenient for resizing and quite expensive. This ring remains as an ideal choice for those who want their ring to shine.

Half eternity ring is slightly different from full eternity ring as the stones setting were presented along the half circumference of the ring not fully. This ring can be resized as the stones are in the half circumference of the ring also this made possible larger gems setting in the ring. Due to the resize option the half eternity ring is comfortable to wear even the jewellers make full eternity ring by considering the comfort in mind.

Other than full and half eternity rings you can find the wedding eternity rings which are specially designed in a continuous circle of metal that will be unbreakable and immutable this remains as a symbol of never-ending love and life between the couples. By choosing the wedding eternity bands perfect size never leaves an option for reshape or cut the rings. As to show the strong bond of wedding this ring made as unchanged and unbroken.

Best place to by the eternity rings

If you decided to gift your wife with eternity ring then choose the best one and you can buy them on online or in the jewel shop but it is rare to find the eternity rings with jewellers don’t worry you can get any type of eternity ring in online. There are many official websites for shopping eternity rings exclusively and you can find eternity rings in various designs and styles also you can have a preview of the rings so that you can choose the eternity ring of your choice. Even you can discuss with the experts in online while buying the diamond eternity rings. Once you selected you can place the order for the eternity rings in that site itself and the order is complete once done with the payment then you will be redirected to the page to track your order almost the eternity rings you placed will be delivered to your home at the right time.   

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