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What should we keep in mind when buying children’s shoes?

The footwear is something of great importance not only among adults but also among the smallest. Therefore, we must take into account which is the type of footwear that best fits to each of them. Having good footwearhabitsis very important in order to prevent future injuries, as we must take into account the type of footprint of each person. Once we know this, we must know what kind of shoe we should wear.

We will use one type of shoe or another depending on the season of the year. This summer, the most popular have been sandals and online espadrilles for kids, since the purchase on the internet has increased in recent times due to its comfort and speed in addition to the great variety of shoes that we don’t find in a physical store.


When purchasing children’s shoes we must take into account a number of aspects, such as:

# 1 Straight Form

The shoes that we are going to wear must have a straight shape, that is to say, its mold must be straight since, if it isn’t, with time and use deformities could appear in our feet.

In order to discover if the shoe we are using is straight or not, we must ensure that the sole of the shoe doesn’t twist inwards as this is usually the main problem.

# 2 Rigidity

To keep our foot firmly we must use a shoe that has a rigid reinforcement, the most common for thatis to buy a type of shoe that will be difficult to deform.

# 3 Fastening

For our shoes to be ideal we must have the foot well fixed. Above all, we must prevent the foot from moving because when we wear shoes correctly the feet must have no mobility on the sides.

For children slippers with laces or velcro are recommended, as this will held theirfeet fastened, firm and secure.

# 4 Sole

The type of sole is an aspect of great importance when it comes to choosing a shoe.

It’s usually made of a flexible rubber that can’t be deformed because if it folds easily we are more likely to have future injuries. In the case of children, we must also take into account the type of sole because it’s essential that it’s non-slip in order to prevent falls.

# 5 Amplitude

The front of a shoe should be wide, although it doesn’t need an excessive pressure as you must allow your fingers to move easily.

# 6 Material

The type of material is also very important concerning footwear. We should always try to avoid synthetic materials since it doesn’t let the foot perspire.

In the case of children’s shoes, the best option is to use a leather shoe because it’s more durable and if it allows the breathability of the foot.


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