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Wedding Decorations: Gorgeous and Homemade

Every aspect of a wedding doesn’t need to be ready-made. Your special day can still be beautiful if you would rather immerse yourself in the details. Why not get inspired and create marvelous decorations by yourself or invite your bridesmaids to help! Here are some fun decorating ideas for the wedding day of your dreams.

Crepe Paper Flowers

Flowers can be relatively easy to make out of crepe paper. They are cute, colorful and bright. Assemble roses, tulips, peonies or many other flowers and hang them on a wall or arrange them in a vase.

Original Calligraphy

Calligraphy may be used for table numbers, cards or signage. It is elegant and adds style. Take a class or buy a book on calligraphy.

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Cinematic Themes

Themes are an unusual way to brighten things up. You may choose a movie or book as inspiration. For example, bride and groom as Han Solo and Princess Leia from Star Wars or Walt Disney inspired Prince Charming and Cinderella.

Romance and Lighting

There are many different types of low cost candles that can be bought at the craft store. Candles may be decorated or scented and set on tables. Low lighting can make any reception romantic or mysterious.

Dramatic Drapes

If your wedding is outdoors white fabric may be hung on trees. Indoors they may be hung from the ceiling or wrapped around poles. Fabric may even be wrapped around or hung on chairs. This makes for a light and airy or indulgent atmosphere.


Folding pretty paper origami could make a wedding masterpiece. You can fold origami balls and hang them on strings from the ceiling.

Also, assemble small origami packages with treats or gifts inside as a delightful surprise for guests. Cranes are a common but still well-liked idea. Place cranes on tables or hang them. There is plenty that can be done with origami. You can place the finished pieces on top of your beautiful wedding tablecloths.

Stand Out Cocktails

Set cocktails colored or any shape of glassware you like on a unique tray on top of an eye-popping block table. You can arrange multi-colored drinks on a tray of one color. Maybe jazz it up by serving guests a light drink they’ve never tasted before.

Get Personal

Order personalized items or add the bride and groom’s names to just about any favor or treat. Paint names artistically on handmade cards or etch them in icing on small cakes to serve to guests. Everyone can look back and remember your union better every time they take out the special gift that was given to them with names on them.

For the Artist

Guests can have their portrait or caricature made at no cost. Create a magnificent sculpture of the bride and groom and place it on the side of the entry way. Splashes of color on the guest book or note cards would stand out and you can convey everything in your own individual way.

There are a multitude of simple tutorials, magazines and books which will instruct you on how to do make these wonderful wedding day decorations. They are great for someone on a budget or someone who just loves to be creative.


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