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Top Three Ways to Lose Belly Fat

Losing belly fat is hard, more often than not. While not necessarily being a health problem but more of a cosmetic issue, many people around the world face with excess fat around their waistline and have trouble losing it. However, there are some proven ways that specifically target the belly fat. Here are the top three.

Pay attention to what you eat

Most of the belly fat comes from the unhealthy food you eat and one of the major culprits is sugar. Sugar is unhealthy, especially the refined sugar because if you eat a lot of it, the liver gets overloaded is forced to turn it all into fat. Try to at least minimize the amount of sugar you eat and avoid drinking sugar-sweetened beverages. Use whole fruit to keep the sugar levels normal as they are very healthy. Fruit, together with vegetables, is also a good source of fiber, which has a great effect on weight loss.3

Carbs are the second worst offender so it’s only natural to restrict the carb intake. Once again, the refined kind is the worst so avoid breads, pastas and such. Instead, pack on proteins as they are one the most effective nutrients in losing fat. Eggs, fish and other seafood, nuts, meat and dairy products are the great protein sources.

For extra help, use on the numerous tracking apps that will give you an overview of what you eat and how much you eat. This will help in optimizing the diet and applying changes, if necessary.

Get plenty of exercise

Regulating what your metabolic system digests is only part of losing belly fat. Exercise is the next, logical step in order to reap the benefits of good diet. Not only will it help you lose belly fat, it will make you overall healthier and fit. The key is to get a good, all-round exercise. It’s not enough to just target the abdominal muscles and work out only that area as it will have no significant effect. Cardio exercises like walking, running and swimming give a complete workout, producing big results in reduction of the belly fat. If you feel underwhelmed or uninspired by the choices of exercises, you can always combine various exercises so put on your sporting gear and find yours!

Get enough sleep

Once you pay attention to your diet and get enough exercise, there is only thing left for you to do and that is to get enough sleep. While it may sound trivial, getting the right amount of sleep is extremely important. All the healthy diet and exercise you put it won’t get you the results you wish regarding your belly fat goals unless you get enough quality sleep. When you are sleep-deprived, your metabolism works slower, producing more hormones that force you to eat. During the day, avoid caffeine and watch what you eat before bedtime. Around 8 hours of sleep will guarantee your metabolism will continue to function properly and help you lose that pesky belly fat in the process.

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