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Top Accessories Young Dancers Must Have


Enrolling a child in dance is very much like enrolling them in sports like baseball, gymnastics, or track. These sports condition the body and mind for endurance and performance. The child must learn to harness their natural ability and power to create something wonderful.

Just as you would never dream of sending your child out to the track field wearing the wrong shoes or clothes, you cannot send your child to dance class wearing the wrong clothes or shoes. Shopping for proper dance apparel is not difficult. Visit www.Justforkix.com to buy quality supplies online.

We will reveal for you the top accessories that young dancers must have. This will remain true in every stage of dance as they develop.

  • Warm-up clothes

Warm up clothes are obviously worn during the warm-up phase of dance class. They are yoga style pants and a sweatshirt type pullover. For children who are taking dance during school hours, it is fine to buy warm-up attire that can be worn back to class.

  • Leotards and tights

Leotards and tights serve three important functions in dance. They allow the instructor to see the movement of the child so they know if the dance is being executed properly. They provide physical support to the body and protect veins and tendons from damage. Finally, they allow the dancer to move freely yet modestly, without showing body parts that they shouldn’t. Note: Your child should always have an extra pair of these in their dance bag.=

  • Dance shoes

Dance shoes are probably the most important accessory your young dancer needs. All dancers need ballet slippers. Some dancers need dance sneakers, tap shoes, or pointe shoes. Do not make the mistake of buying “mall” sneakers and thinking they are the same. One wrong move with a shoe that sticks to a dance floor can result in an injured ankle, foot, or leg.

  • A quality dance bag

A dance bag takes a lot of abuse. It is tossed around, dropped, sat on, and sometimes slept on. But they hold everything from your child’s replacement tights to a protein snack for after practice. Invest in a dance bag that will last the season. In the long run, you will save money.

Remember the clothes and shoes they remove for practice must fit in the same bag. So make sure it is large enough to fit a complete outfit of street clothes plus their emergency items inside.

  • Hair Essentials

The only thing worse than a student trying to hold her hair out of her face during practice, is trying to brush out the tangles when they are finished. Keep elastic hair bands, barrettes, and a hairbrush in their dance bag.

The class instructor may have specific requests for their class. They will advise you on their policy for colors and any items they require, such as each student having their own water bottle and a towel with their name on it. It is their class and their call. Just work with them, because there is a reason for everything and it will benefit your little dancer.

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