• Sunday , 22 April 2018

Too Cool for School

As many schools are establishing a policy of uniform wear for their students, it is important for your school to make informed decisions about their choice for uniforms.  There are many uniform options available for you to choose from.

The Traditional Choice

When you think of school uniforms, like most of us, you probably think of kilted plaid skirts for girls and solid trousers for boys.  Both top the outfit with a light-coloured, Oxford shirt and a dark-coloured sweater vest touting school colours.   This is still the most common choice of most schools, and the sense of nostalgia and tradition that is expressed in these garments really has no equal.  Adding a blazer for more formal events creates a setting of great importance and professionalism for your students.


Semi-Casual Options

More and more schools are choosing the path of uniforms, but many don’t feel it is imperative that they go the traditional route with coats and ties.  For this, you have the option of trousers or shorts for boys and girls alike, as well as many designs of skirts for your female students.  For upper garment wear, you have the availability of polo-style collared shirts, short-sleeved button-up shirts or blouses, and rugby shirts or tees for more casual events.

Getting Your School Started

Probably the easiest and most efficient way of starting your school on the path to uniforms or obtaining a new scholarly wardrobe is by contacting a company online.  By designing and ordering a school uniform online, you can work with design professionals throughout the process to help build the future traditions that your students will remember for a lifetime.  It is no less than establishing the foundation of your students’ futures and setting the example of professionalism that they will need to take into their adult lives.

Custom Designs Create Pride

With custom uniform design available, as well as optional logos and crests for shirts, jacket patches, and hats, the pride your students gather behind their school’s shield is palpable.  With the help of professional designers, you can establish or embellish a crest with meaningful aspects and art that expresses your school’s unique personality.

Encouraging Advancement

Uniforms can give your students something to strive for.  By creating unity of class while at the same time indicating levels of advancement and achievement, your uniforms can illustrate to the student body that hard work and perseverance have indicative awards and notable signs of seniority.  In combination, these facets help create the jewels that are your students.

Offer them pride. Offer them responsibility. Offer them the chance to seize their futures firmly in hand and build the habits that will make them the successes of tomorrow.  What your youth will gain from the processes established at this young age will be evident, not only in their immediate future, but for many generations to come.

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