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Titan Watches are True and Trendy Accessories for Fashion’s

Generally, people get dressed up, according to the party, professional get together, function and so on. Dressing up with the unique style and fashion along with the customs includes the trendy and fashionable watches. Wrist watches can be categorized in different forms like women watches, men watches, analog, digital, kids. Titan is founded in the year of 1984, it is one of the companies of Tata group of companies, started its watch project along with the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation.

Titan industries are the world fifth largest company and one of the leading watch manufacturing companies. Titan Watches provide a unique, trendy and fashionable look to your attire. It is a branded company that works to satisfy the customers by giving latest and modern day style in affordable cost. There are many Titan watches lovers, all over the world, since it not only gives a unique style and but also gives value for money.

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Titan watch series:

Titan through the years have manufactured many watches, launched watches which were successful in getting a unique place or spaces in the Indian market.  The HTSE series and razor thin have made a huge success by winning a Red Dot award for manufacturing quality products. Titan is renowned for making innovative watches all over the world. Titan has also inspired the minds and hearts of many Indian women. Zoop watches from the Titan portfolio made successfully in the kid’s hearts. Titan Raga is the one of the successful product of the Titan company. Titan has moved one steps further, towards the design a smart watch, in the era of accessing and connectivity. Titan has one of the leading brand called umbrella which is another successful product of Titan, whereas Titan Edge is the slimmest watch in the world.

The strength of the titan:

Now, the distribution of the World of Titan is over 451, with the service centers of 697. The Titan showrooms present more than the 30 countries in the world. The company holds more than 60 percentages in the domestic market. The Titan watch price in India starts from 400. The price varies according to the model; Titan Analog watches are costlier than the other watches. Titan watches are available for the men, women, and kids. The collection of Titan includes Heritage, Regalia, WWF, Octane, Fastrack, Aviator are from Titan Wardrobe.

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