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Things To Consider Before Getting Your Business Card

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You go to a potential client to sell your idea, product or service and though it may sound harsh, but the truth is that the client will judge you by various other things apart from the description that you have given to him. One of the most important factors that a client notices is Business card that you give to him in the starting or end of your conversation.

A good and presentable business card is the first impression that you will make on the clients. Therefore, before getting the final business card printed, you should know few things which will help you in getting an effective business card printed. The whole idea of business card is to promote your business as well as yourself. Business card is apparently the first promotional material of any company or its executive and it leaves a lasting impression on the potential clients.

Size and Color Matters

Size and color of the business card is one of the most important aspects that should be considered before getting it printed. Before deciding on the final business card, make sure that you have seen the samples. Usually companies such as 55printing keep the samples of different colors and sizes for this purpose. Professional cards should preferably be CMYK mode rather than RGB. CMYK stands for CYan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Experts say that the color combination is detrimental because it leaves a lasting impression on the clients. That also reflects the seriousness that you have towards your business. RGB mode is the mixture of Red, Green and Blue which looks vibrant on the screen but in printing it might sometimes appear muddy compared to the one made in CMYK mode.

No Borders

Borders are the strict No on the business card because it gives a very unprofessional look. Although, it may look good on the screen and after printing but while cutting, there might be some lop-sided edges. There will be difference in the size of the cards by few milli metres but it matters a lot when you are seeking perfection. You can avail the services of 55 printing for your needs.

Use the colors that are pleasing to the eyes when finally printed and cut. From the stack of all those pastel colors, a bright orange color might look attractive and stand out but the final print might not be something that you were expecting. If you have developed a website then make sure that the color scheme on the website and on your card is consistent.

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