• Tuesday , 24 April 2018

The Online Shopping Phenomenon

The web has made a great many things possible. For example, who would have thought even just 20 years ago that we would be using the web to customise our own shirts, mugs, and mouse mats and then buy them? Indeed, there are even many people now who use the web almost exclusively for their shopping, including their weekly grocery shopping.


Even in the past few years, the old fears about online security have largely evaporated. As both browser security and user behaviour have improved, many more people are feeling comfortable doing much of their shopping online. In Australia alone, shoppers spent nearly 40 billion dollars online in 2015! The fact of the matter is that shopping on the web is easier, more convenient, less time-consuming, and potentially cheaper. Compared to many real world retail shops, online shops simply do not have the same overheads and so can offer their products at cheaper rates.

Customised T-Shirts and Other Products

Consider one fantastic example of how the web not only makes shopping easier but also allows customers the freedom to create their own experiences. Some innovative Australian companies are now offering online custom t-shirt printing. Consider what this means for Australian consumers who use such a service:

  • Customisation: One of the great things about current web technology is that it allows for a lot of real-time interaction between the person sitting behind the screen and the software applications running behind the scenes. What this allows is for customers to use an intuitive online graphical interface to customise their own T-shirt designs from scratch. It is even possible to upload photos from places like Instagram!
  • Immediacy: This level of customisation also allows for customers to preview their designs in real time without having to wait for the finished printed product. In fact, many such interfaces also update costs in real time as features are added to the product. In this way, a customer can exercise greater control over his or her design and his or her
  • Ordering: Apart from the ease and convenience associated with the online shopping experience, these types of businesses operate with little overhead compared to their brick and mortar cousins. This means that customers not only take advantage of real savings but can also avoid having to order in bulk to make things cheaper for the vendor. This means that it is possible to order just one custom designed T-shirt or hundreds at a time. In this sense, the customer is no longer beholden to the vendor’s cost structure.

Why a Custom T-Shirt?

There could be any number of reasons to order a custom tee from a specialist online shop, including but not limited to:

  • Having a logo printed on clothing for your own sports team.
  • Marketing your own business.
  • Creating company logos for your staff.
  • Making t-shirts featuring a school logo for students.
  • Celebrating a special occasion such as a party, wedding, fundraiser, or other event.

There are many reasons why someone might want to have a custom shirt printed up and delivered to him or her. Fortunately, some Aussie companies are innovative enough to offer a service that makes it all intuitive and easy.

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