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Testosterone troche has similar advantages as other forms of synthetic testosterone

A great many people are now using testosterone troche, like injections, creams, and oral supplements. Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone, that determines most of the male characteristics. This hormone also strengthens muscles, and bones, as also eliminates many aging symptoms.

What is a troche?

A troche is a lozenge like product, designed to dissolve in the mouth. These days, many popular brands are manufacturing testosterone troche, and the users take this form of testosterone enthusiastically. There are a few positive sides of using testosterone troche:

  • Users need not to face the pain of injection
  • Unlike oral testosterone, testosterone in this form doesn’t get digested in the body, instead it gets absorbed in the blood stream directly
  • It can be used by anyone

Troches enter into the body through the process of transdermal absorption, like gels, creams, and lotions. So, much of the product gets absorbed in the blood stream quickly. This process of taking testosterone is much more scientific than oral capsules as the metabolic capacity of a person doesn’t influence much the amount of testosterone get into the circulatory system.


What is synthetic testosterone?

Synthetic testosterone is a drug that is formulated in the laboratory and that can mimic natural testosterone in the body. People with lower testosterone levels are prescribed synthetic testosterone to mitigate the deficiency of natural testosterone in the body.

Lack of testosterone can cause numerous problems in the body; thus, physicians often ask to use testosterone exogenously to get rid of those problems. Again, there are many bodybuilders, and athletes, who use synthetic testosterone therapeutically. They use the synthetic hormone in different forms like injection, oral capsule, cream, or troche, etc. in fixed doses to obtain more muscular strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Testosterone troche half-life and doses

In normal therapeutic uses, like people who want stronger muscles, and bones, or sports persons who just want to maintain strength at the current levels, may be asked to use 1 troche every day. In certain situations, doctors may ask to use 2-3 troche a day for a certain period. The half-life of testosterone troche is shorter than capsules or injections, which is hardly 3-4 hours. Hence, professional bodybuilders, and other sports persons require to take testosterone troche 3-4 times a day. In testosterone replacement therapy, a lower dose of testosterone troche is normally recommended. According to the webpage http://steroidly.com/testosterone-troche/, people need to take this form of testosterone according to their need, or target.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

TRT is required when the body is lacking testosterone naturally. Insufficient testosterone in the body may cause a multiple of problems, including early aging, loss of bone density, loss of muscle flexibility, and lack of energy. If the testosterone levels decline abnormally, problems like hyperthyroidism, sexual dysfunction, adrenal fatigue, and many other common problems may occur. Abnormality in the secretion of testosterone may occur at any ages, but if it happens in puberty, common manly growths are hindered. So, TRT may be required at any ages, and depending on the levels of testosterone in the body, doctors determine the doses.

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