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Pro Wedding Makeup Tips


Wedding day makeup is different than every day makeup. Cameras pick up details in certain ways and wedding makeup artists have perfected methods for making brides look picture perfect for their big moments. Consulting with, and securing the services of a professional makeup artist for your wedding day, especially if you will be outdoors or exposed to extreme heat, is one of the best investments you can make and directly impacts your photography. After all, why invest time and money in the perfect bridal gown and beach bridesmaid dresses, along with an experienced, professional photographer and not give yourself the advantage of the same level of expertise when it comes to your makeup?

Some brides and bridesmaids have more experience applying makeup than others, though, and sometimes it simply comes down to budget. For those who have decided to do it alone, we’ve assembled some of the industry’s best expert tips for applying your own professional-style wedding makeup.

Use Familiar Products and Take Pictures at Your Run-Through

According to the experts at Cosmopolitan, if you’ve already searched and found the shades and products that look amazing on you, don’t switch things up. Stick to what you know works. They recommend taking photos when you do your trial runs and having the images on hand on the wedding day so you remember exactly what you had planned. Use high-quality, long-lasting products to ensure that you maintain your look throughout the long wedding day.

Apply More Makeup than You Normally Do and Choose Your SPF Products Wisely

Brides.com also recommends practice sessions before the wedding day, and applying more makeup than you would on a regular day. Their pros consider using a general primer as well as an eye primer to be critical to enduring wedding makeup success. They also recommend avoiding SPF in your foundation and white finishing powder as both can give you a “ghostly glow.” Instead, they recommend using a moisturizer with SPF to protect you outdoors on the wedding day.

Don’t Neglect Your Brows!

Glamour reminds brides and bridesmaids alike not to neglect your brows! Even if you choose to do your own wedding makeup, have a professional shape your brows prior to the wedding. Done right, they can perfectly frame your face and make your overall look amazing. The Knot adds that they should be shaded to match your hair for the best results, and that applying makeup in natural light gives the best overall results.

Use Waterproof Products

One of the common concerns among professional makeup artists is that your look be long-lasting. No one wants to look back at photos of their attendants in their perfect beach bridesmaids dresses and see that their makeup didn’t even make it down the aisle. Use waterproof products to combat tears, sweat, and the elements, especially at an outdoor or beach wedding. Keep a small bag with you throughout the day and ask a trusted attendant to remind you to reapply as needed. Also, consider investing in a professional-level finishing spray to help set your makeup. The extra effort is worth it – you want to look your best from beginning to end!

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