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Men – Change Your Lifestyle by Changing Your Clothes

Changing Your Clothes3

Can a change of clothing style really change your life? Yes, according to the fairy-tale stories such as Cinderella and My Fair Lady, but in reality, will a fashion revamp really make a difference? The short answer is, absolutely. If a person feels more confident about the way they look, this increased self-confidence can make a difference, especially with job interviews, or important meetings.

Wear what you want to be

What we wear changes what we are, at least that’s what the fashion experts tell us, so if you want to force positive changes in your life, consider a fashion makeover. Men typically dress for comfort, and where style is concerned, are less likely to take a chance than the girls. Yet, once we realise that the concerns about what people might think are irrelevant, we can feel good in something we like to wear.

Changing Your Clothes

Today’s look

The trends in men’s clothing in the UK are moving towardsthe fifties look, with pattern-on-pattern a popular choice this year. As temperatures rise, ditch that knitted sweater and buttoned down Oxford shirt, replacing it with lightweight, Cuban collared shirt. Don’t be afraid to go bold with colour and pattern, as this is the current trend.

Grey is in

Greys have always had a place in men’s fashion, and they can have a range of effects, depending on how you use them. The current look is one of texture, and a grey can stimulate that to a great extent, adding a touch of professionalism.

Green is cool

Green has been around for a while now, with its connection with eco-friendly environments, which is something on everyone’s mind. This year, green is more of a mix and match colour, rather than a basis for the outfit, and is a favoured shade for bags and ties. The trend is for darker shades, unless it is a small item, such as shoes or perhaps a belt, when a light green is effective.

Changing Your Clothes2


This coarse and rugged fabric has a place in every fashion generation, and this year’s look is ripped, patched, and bleached, so don’t throw away those old jeans just yet. The lived-in look isn’t new, and the added patching brings a new element to worn denim, which goes with just about everything.


As far as hats go, the word is ‘baseball”, seen on all the catwalks this season, this new breed is made of leather, suede, and skin, and provide that animal element. The cap is as likely to be worn with a suit, as it is with jeans and sneakers, with a full-on-head style, and the peak always facing the front.

Changing Your Clothes1


Zip-up is the current rage, with a sporty range of jogger-style jackets, mainly in plain colours. The really casual look incorporates a tie-up waist, and is worn as a sweater would be.

We all want to improve our lives, and by changing your image, you can also be taking the first steps to a better lifestyle, so spend some time on the way you dress, you know it makes sense!

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