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Lucky Bamboo for a better living

When it comes to decorating the home, be it indoor or outdoor, plants and tress appear to be the one which helps us to add some life to our home. Lucky plants like bamboo can be kept in your home which would not only beautify the ambience but would also pour some good luck in your space. Indoor plants alleviates negative energy, increases positive energy, and circulates the energy in your home.

Lucky Bamboo – usage

The other name or scientific name of Lucky Bamboo is Dracaena Sanderiana and studies have revealed that lucky bamboo plants are really great boosters for happiness, prosperity, good luck in all spheres – health and wealth. And therefore, one of the prime usage would be using bamboo plants as a gift for your loved ones. The best characteristic of this plant is that it can exist in very less water and sunlight and therefore, no extra care is required to handle this pot of lucky bamboo plant. Now its ease to find and buy plants online in India.

Apart from keeping it your home, also buy this lucky plant for gifting someone special on any special day.

Lucky Bamboo – why lucky

Lucky Bamboo – why lucky?

From enhancing beauty to your ambience, this bamboo plant is also good in increasing prosperity and good fortune. The tall green plant with vertical shape is considered a lucky shape as per Feng Shui. This shape helps in raising the energy level, vitality, and stamina in our lives. As it has the ability to grow well in poor light and water, it also teaches us to adapt the characters of modesty and spirituality.

Keeping it in your home means your luck would increase manifold.

Lucky Bamboo – Care

lucky bamboo plant

Yes, it is true that lucky bamboo plant can grow in poor light and water but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require any care. First of all a container, clean and clear water, and some polished stones has to be taken. These stones would help to keep the bamboo stalks in place. While choosing the pot, make sure that you get a pot at east 2-3 inches larger than the plant. The water in the pot has to be changed at least once a week. The level of water in the pot should not be too much. It should be hardly an inch from the base of the canes of the bamboo plant. Another important thing to remember is that direct sunlight is harmful for this lucky bamboo plant and therefore selecting a partly shady area would be recommended. In case you have noticed the leaves turn yellow, use distilled or filtered water and trim these leaves with scissors.

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