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Human Growth Hormone- Hgh – Review- Dosage

Human growth hormone- HGH is manufactured in the body by the pituitary gland. It comprises of endocrine which have many hormone glands and they secrete chemicals which influence the physical, emotional as well as mental health of a person. When a person is deficit of growth hormone, then growth hormone therapy may be suggested depending on the situation.

HGH does many functions in the body

The HGH is manufactured and it has many affects on the body. Look for the deficiency conditions and checking if the person is deficient with growth hormone from childhood. Apart from making a person tall, it does many functions in the body. Before going for therapy, one must see how body functions and what happens if the levels are not adequate. Growth hormone helps in many functions like growth of cells and replacement as well as rejuvenation. It helps in repairing the tissues in the body which are damaged and injured. In helps in the production of the enzymes and helps in many brain functions. Growth hormone also helps in proper functioning of the brain and is needed for the immune system to be strong. It helps in protecting the body from many free radicals. The levels can drop for 14% for every ten years. So, the growth hormone levels decrease naturally as the person ages.


Synthetic HGH for replacing the growth hormone

Synthetic HGH therapy is used for replacing the growth hormone in the body. This therapy is done when the pituitary gland is not able to manufacture the growth hormone and HGH is injected into the body. This is made in laboratory and is for replacing the growth hormone and does not support pituitary in its function. When synthetic HGH is injected it helps in improving the pulmonary process and it helps in reducing the body fat and increases the lean muscle. They help in strengthening the bones and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. HGH can also help in enhancing the performance of the person. The synthetic HGH are expensive and the injections dosage and frequency depend on the goals, treatment and the condition. Not all are suggested to go with HGH treatment as there are few drawbacks along with the benefits. Check out the HGH Supplement Reviews to get started.

Dosage in adults and infants

When considering for using HGH supplement or HGH injections, the most important thing one must consider is safety. Any hormone will have impact on the body and the system. When using the injections and increasing the hormone levels when the levels are adequate will cause many side effects and reactions. When treating adults, the dosage is generally based on their weight . Age and health conditions depend on the dose and frequency sometimes. HGH injection for children must be given under supervision of an expert, if its given without the guidance of physician it is dangerous as it may cause alarming results. One must assess the benefits and drawbacks of using the therapy and discuss it with the physician.

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