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How to Wear Men’s Boots

Boots are the first choice of footwear for men. From parties to casual outings to trips and official wear men choose boots as their primary choice of footwear. Boots are considered most smart footwear for men. Even for women, they are a decent choice and boots of various types are very much trending this season. Not only winters but boots are purchased and worn throughout the year by men and women both.

There are different types of boots available in the market which you wear in the whole year irrespective of the weather conditions. We bring a list of different types of boots for men and how to wear them.

  1. The Chelsea Boot

These have a thinner sole and an elastic band. It is super easy to wear. It is more on the regular side. It has a plain upper part without laces. They are the slip on boots. So, better not to wear them on trips and adventures and only day to day outings and probably office wear. The best outfit for these types of boots is formal pants and shirts. They look great with the tuxedos, as well as suits, since they look formal. They are more on the dressier side.

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  1. The Chukka Boot

The way these boots are stitched is a bit different and stronger. They have three pieces of leather. They are the typically laced boots. They are the real classic boots many men go for. They look super trendy, strong and durable. They have the real feeling of boots. They are very classy for party looks and also for the wedding ceremonies but would not match with the Indian outfit. They would look great as daily wear footwear too. Buy a similar woodland shoe online at Rs. 2000.

  1. Wolverine Boot –

It is a bit higher near the ankle. And hence it is more reliable for the protection of the feet. These are the best choice of boots in this winter season. They are super stylish and comfortable. They can look best on party wears with a good pair of ripped denim and leather jackets. Also, for the days when you are supposed to do too much walking, they are a great choice as they are feet protectors. They are the biker’s boots, as they are referred. Buy a similar woodland shoe online at a discount on just Rs. 1500.

  1. Round Toe Boots –

These boots have a stronger and thicker sole. They are classy, trendy, and more durable than any other boots you will ever explore. They are very versatile and are of extremely high quality. They cover most parts of your ankle. They do not look nice with formal pants as they are wide legged. It can look good with slim fit trousers and jeans. Buy a similar woodland shoe online at a price of Rs. 1800 on discount.

You can now easily buy these boots on various online shopping sites like Tata CLiQ, which not only deliver these boots to your house but at the same time give great discounts on footwear.

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