• Tuesday , 24 April 2018

How to Stay Fashionable throughout a Frigid Winter

Winter is typically not regarded as a great time for high fashion. Sure, if you live in an area of the country that enjoys year-round warm weather, you can continue wearing whatever you want. However, in parts of the U.S. that are plagued by relentlessly frigid, snowy winters, many people have trouble reconciling their desire to look good with their need to stay warm. Fortunately, unbeknownst to many winter warriors, it’s entirely possible to do both. Anyone interested in looking their best while beating the cold would be wise to heed the following tips this winter.

Get Creative with Your Layers

In order to stay warm, people who spend a substantial amount of time outdoors often dress in layers throughout the winter. Although this helps keep them nice and toasty, it generally doesn’t look very fashionable. However, by getting creative with your layering, you can effectively have your cake and eat it, too. For example, instead of wearing bulky long johns, try a pair of form-fitting tights. Not only will this help seal in body heat, it will prevent you from feeling weighed down by your undergarments. Additionally, instead of donning a large, awkward-looking sweater, considering pairing a long-sleeved turtleneck or collared shirt with a lighter sweater or sweatshirt. Fashion aficionados on the hunt for clothing that’s ideal for layering are urged to check out what Campia Moda has to offer.


Find the Right Boots

Depending on where you hail from, venturing outside during the winter months without boots is practically guaranteed to result in injury. For this reason, everyone who resides in a state that spends the winter caked in snow and ice needs to invest in a reliable pair of boots. Still, there’s no rule stating that your boots can’t be both stylish and highly functional. While it’s true that boots are among the bulkiest pieces of wintertime attire, many companies specialize in creating lighter, form-fitting boots that offer just as much protection against slippery conditions as their less fashionable counterparts.

Warmth Can Be Attained without Bulkiness

Bulky, uncomfortable coats are a common sight during the winter months. Even if they aren’t particularly fashionable, these coats serve to keep their wearers as warm as possible and protect them from feeling the unpleasant sting of bitterly cold weather. It may surprise you to learn, however, that a coat doesn’t need to be bulky to offer first-rate warmth. Form-fitting coats with masterfully-concealed stuffing are becoming all the rage in major metropolitan areas – and for good reason. In addition to looking great on virtually anyone, these coats help wearers retain body heatand offer a much higher degree of flexibility than traditional winter coats.

In many parts of the country, winter isn’t viewed as a season for experimenting with fashion. During this time of year, most people understandably prioritize practicality over aesthetics when it comes to personal style. Luckily, neither quality has to be mutually exclusive. The pointers discussed above will ensure that you’re able to stay warm while looking your best all winter long.

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