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How to choose the Perfect Diamond Wedding Ring?

Since the time man had discovered the beauty of diamonds, these stones have become the numerouno jewelry option for women to wear on their fingers. Diamonds are considered to be the most precious stones and rightly so. It is a piece of jewelry that most women hold closest to their heart.

Thinking of buying a wedding ring for your partner? There can be no better thing than a diamond ring. This is a gift which she will cherish forever. But choosing a diamond ring for your to-be partner is not an easy task. We give you a simple guide to follow and choose the perfect ring for her and make your memories special.Image result for How to choose the Perfect Diamond Wedding Ring?

Selecting the diamond Shape:

   You need to be aware of what shape of diamond she likes. You will find different shapes of diamonds in the market like pear-shaped, heart-shaped, radiant-cut, marquise-cut, round, oval, princess cut and many others.

Selecting the size of the diamond:

   This specification of your wedding ring depends on your budget. A wide variety of diamond size is available but you should choose the one that your pocket allows to.

4C’s of Diamond:

   It is an unsaid and unwritten rule of purchasing diamond rings that you need to be aware of the 4Cs of the diamond. These 4C’s are:


   The beauty of a diamond depends majorly on its cut. A poorly cut diamond ring can ruin its essence and beauty. A perfect cut enhances the sparkle, fire, and brilliance of the diamond.


   The value of a diamond is determined by its colorlessness. The more it is close to colorlessness, the higher its value gets. To get the best deal, choose a colorless or a very near colorless diamond ring for your partner-to-be.

Carat Weight:

   The price of a diamond ring increases with its carat weight. Larger diamonds are rare, hence more desirable.


   Everyone dreams of their wedding gift to be perfect with no blemishes or faults whatsoever. You will definitely not like to spend a huge amount of money to buy a diamond ring as a gift that turns out to be unclear. Clarity comes in form of absence of blemishes and inclusions from the surface of the diamond.

Choose a specific style:

   Diamond rings are available in different styles and settings. You need to consider her lifestyle and make ideas how well the selected design setting will fit into it. Endless design settings are available to choose from in the market like Solitaire, three stone, side stone, halo setting and much more. You need to decide the perfect one according to her taste.

Selecting the metal:

   Another important aspect of the perfect wedding ring is the metal selection. A diamond wedding gift is meant to last a lifetime. A highly durable metal should be considered because it can withstand the decades of daily wear.  Metal color should be selected carefully as well because the appearance of the diamond is affected by its surrounding.

Buying a wedding ring can be lot easier than you think. Follow the guideline above and make the wedding ring the perfect gift ever for her.

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