• Thursday , 22 February 2018

McAllen Car Accident Attorneys

It is important to note that immediately after a car accident you will be receiving a call from the responsible party’s insurance provider. This insurance provider will try to get you to settle the claim immediately. The first thing that you should do after receiving this call is to hang up on the insurance provider and call your attorney. The reason for this is that any information that you provide the insurance provider could greatly affect your settlement.

You need to understand that the responsible party’s insurance provider is going to offer you an amount of money that is far below a fair compensation. The insurance provider knows that you are in a state of shock and that you do not have the ability to properly think things through. The point is that he will try to take advantage of your condition and he will offer you a sum of money that is ridiculously inadequate.

Another thing that you need to understand after being involved in a car accident that was not your fault is that there is going to be a lot of expenses. These expenses will be both for the present and for the future.

Some of the expenses that will occur will be hospital expenses, drug expenses, loss of wages expenses, damage to the vehicle expenses, future rehabilitation expenses, future medical expenses, and pain and suffering expenses just to name a few. The insurance provider will not consider all of these expenses when presenting you with an offer.

The only way that you will receive a fair compensation package is to retain the services of a reputable injury lawyer. For example, McAllen car accident attorneys from Patino Law Office have a reputation for getting the most for their injured clients.

They understand all of the ramifications that will occur both now and in the future. They have a team of qualified attorneys who have handled these type of cases many times. They know exactly what to ask for and they will get you the funds required for all of your expenses and more.

McAllen car accident attorneys are committed to helping both the individual and the family of the individual whenever a careless driver has disregarded the safety of his fellow drivers. Therefore, if you are ever in a serious car accident and have received a phone call from the guilty parties insurance provider remember to do the most important thing, hang up and call your personal injury attorney.

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