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Four Makeup Tips to Make you Look Younger

Every woman wants to look the most youthful version of herself. Slowing down the aging process can be done in a lot of ways including wearing sunscreen, eating plenty of vegetables and fruits, having an exercise routine, drinking plenty of water, using quality skin care and understanding the basics of makeup. However, for people who still do not know a lot of anti-aging tips, here are some ideas to help them. However, they need to know that after the sun spots and crow’s feet have set in, they may opt to spend some cash or get cosmetic surgery to make the issue disappear. But they can of course fake it through makeup.

However, the application must be done carefully as a wrong makeup application can result in your looking even older. Thus, it is imperative to have the right know-how and product. Before moving on, I would love to share these free makeup samples with you which will reduce your makeup and cosmetic expense.

Disguise Crow’s Feet by Using Concealer

Often, crow’s feet come with a brown undertone. If you wish to cancel the color out, use a concealer that has a pinkish-beige or pink tone. For olive to medium skin tones, find ocher or peachy undertones in the concealer. As crow’s feet angles down, the concealer must be applied upwardly.


Use the Right Lip Color to Look Younger

Make sure that you extend your anti-aging skin care routine to your lips. Know that your lips’ skin is thinner than the skin of the other parts of your face causing them to shrivel and shrink as you get older. To protect the lips for the long term, use a lip balm that has sunscreen and keep the lips moisturized in the evening. For short-term protection, pick lipsticks in shades of pink and mauve.

Know the Secret to Having More Youthful Eyes

Once the skin loses elasticity, the eyelids are expected to start to drop. In order to fake lifted eyes, a great lash curler is needed. The curl must nearly act like cupping holding up the lashes. Then freeze the lashes with drier mascara. Choose water-proof or water-resistant mascara to obtain optimum results.

Use a Good Blush for a Radiant Glow

Once a person ages, her skin tends to produce less oil which makes her more prone to dryness. Thus, it is imperative to use a cream blush meant for dry skin. The application requires a woman to smile and put it just to the cheeks’ apples. In case you wish to thin your face out, do this with a contour product instead of your 1980 blush.

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