• Sunday , 22 April 2018

Embrace Your Curves with a Trendy New Bikini this Summer

Purchasing a bathing suit is something that even the thinnest, shapeliest and most confidant woman can feel hesitant to attempt. Every body shape is different and many retailers stock a very limited amount of styles and sizes. Unfortunately, in brick-and-mortar shops there seem to be two distinct options. There are the trendy and tiny designs for the women who are a runway-perfect size 2 and under and the unflattering and less fashionable styles for everyone else. The reality is that the average women wears a size 14 and each of them deserves to look great and feel awesome when they are at the pool or the beach. To accomplish this feat, most women should forget about their local department stores and shop online instead.

Online retailers seem to be much more in tune with the average female shopper in regards to both the sizes they stock and the styles women want. These companies are the ones that see the popularity of plus-sized beauties like model Ashley Graham, and realize that other women want the opportunity to let their sex appeal shine too. Many women who wear a size 8 and above or over the age of 30 are not interested in wearing a string bikini, but that does not mean they want the old-fashioned frumpy suits their mothers and grandmothers wore.

Manufacturers are now creating stunning plus size bikini styles that make the most of a curvy figure and online retailers like swimsuits for all are putting them on display proudly. High-waisted bikinis or those with wrap(or bandage) designs help to conceal tummy bulges. Some are even designed to sit just beneath the rib cage to create an entirely smooth waist. Underwire tops, available with or without straps, keep ample busts beautifully supported. Modest tankinis make it possible to have more coverage and support up top for women who are not comfortable in a traditional bikini top, but still want the allure of a two-piece. Other styles offer extra details like ruching, fringe and embellishments that add to the beauty and help to balance out the figure for those who carry the majority of their curves on either the top or bottom rather than equally distributed all over.

A large selection is just one of the benefits to online bikini shopping. There is also the ability to see photos of every suit modeled by plus-sized women rather than trying to visualize what a suit on hanger or a mannequin really looks like. The truth is that an online retailer like swimsuits for all is your source for plus size bikinis that fit real women. Online shopping is more relaxing because people can take their time and comparison shop without feeling self-conscious. The swimsuits are available online all year long, so shopping for a mid-winter tropical vacation is possible and the prices are often even more affordable than those found in department stores. Online shopping is an option that is convenient for everyone, but even more so for the plus size bikini seeker.

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