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Do not despair! 4 styles to wear jeans in summer

Summer is the perfect time to be outside and enjoy the sun, pool parties with your friends, go on a trip and of course, take advantage of the clothes we keep during cold weather. It is also the perfect time to wear the skinny jeans that we like the most.

There is nothing more classic, transverse and timeless than mens jeans. They are easy to match and look good with sneakers or sandals. It gives rise to creativity and to think of different looks with the same jeans. There is also the option of personalizing and placing patches that are easy to apply and very cheap, giving us the option of having a unique and modern jeans.

We dedicate this post to jeans, because they are a classic, because we like them, because they never go out of fashion and because today we present what are the favorite looks in jeans this summer

In summer, jeans with hem

Let’s start with the classic jeans, denim (the jeans fabric par excellence). While it is true that denim jeans wear them all year round, our look can change a lot depending on how we combine it. When the heat arrives, and to be able to combine them with sandals or summer shoes, it is best to wear jeans with hem. That is, with the bottom a little folded to leave the ankles to the air.

The pastel colored jeans

A very good idea to wear jeans in summer is to choose them pastel colors. Being a light in color will not attract the sun and therefore we will not be as hot as with denim or dark jeans. Also, jeans designed for summer wear tend to be more finite, so even if you wear long pants you will not have any heat. They will give your look a very classic and modern touch.

Jeans with prints

Let’s rise level … More and more summer! If jeans with hem are ideal for the summer, and pastel-colored jeans soften the heat and give you a very summery touch, with the floral prints you’ll do more on the nail. I recommend that you follow the trend of pastel shades but look for a pattern like the ones in the picture. They can be combined with a white shirt.

The most classic

And if you want to take advantage of your classic jeans, do not worry. In summer you can also take them without dying in the attempt. All you have to keep in mind is that during the day temperatures can rise a lot, so keep your feet in sandals. Wear a blouse or shirt finite not to overwhelm and if you think you can spend a lot of heat, I recommend that you pick up the hair to leave the neck to the air.

883 Police offer a variety of classic jeans for you to wear this summer. They are comfortable and will give you a modern and current look:

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We can all wear jeans, and the good thing is that there is for everyone; We just have to find the one that suits us best and suits our personal style. It is not about following all the trends, but that you feel 100% comfortable and know which is the best for you.

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