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Different Styles of Fashionable Children’s Shoes

It’s often very difficult to find quality formal attire for children, especially girls. The clothes for boys are often made in straighter and simpler lines, so they are a bit more ubiquitous. Quality formal wear for small girls is very difficult to find for several reasons. For one, there are so many different styles of girls’ clothing that it is not always very profitable for a company to spend a lot of their resources designing different types of girls’ clothing. They might invest in just one or two different styles of dress. If those styles are not what you’re looking for, then it won’t be very helpful to you. Furthermore, the quality of the fabric is often very low.


Children grow very quickly. Therefore, parents often don’t want to spend too much money on clothing for them. If you buy your little girl a dress to wear to Christmas events, she might outgrow it by Easter, and it can feel like a waste of money on your part. However, buying low-quality children’s clothes that will languish in the closet is a bigger waste of money. If you buy quality formal wear for your child, you will be able to hand it down to other family members or friends, sell it on consignment, or donate it to a worthy cause. All of these will put your money to work in a way that a low-quality dress will not. If you buy handmade formal kids dresses from Red Hill Couture, they will retain their value for years to come. That’s an investment in the future. In addition to clothing, choosing shoes for young girls is very difficult for the same factors.

Choosing Girls’ Shoes

Choosing formal shoes for a small girl is difficult for several reasons. For one, she will likely grow out of them very quickly. Also, you will need to find shoes that are formal without being too provocative or indecent. There is a trend amongst clothing for women and girls that has been leaning toward more suggestive footwear. Fortunately, you can find several different styles of girls’ shoes that are formal and fashionable without being too suggestive. Typically, these are shoes that borrow on the classical stylings of early European courts.

Paris Flats

Paris flats are one of the most common types of formal shoes for girls. These are shoes that are similar to ballet flats in that they have a simple construction with a low-cut upper, but they also feature a tiny heel. The heel is not pointed as it would be in a woman’s shoe. Instead, it’s more of a padded section at the back of the foot that provides a bit of height to the shoe. Paris flats are similar to shoes that were worn by royalty throughout the Victorian era. The tiny heel at the back can also be contrasted with the colour of the shoe, which makes it easier to match the shoes with more outfits.

Paris flats are some of the most common formal shoes for girls, but they are certainly not the only option. There are several more for you to choose from. You should make sure you choose ones that are high quality.

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