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Casio G-Shock GA-1000-8A Aviation Series Men’s Luxury Watch Evaluation

What do you look when it comes to getting the best tactical watch? There are important features you need to consider. It should be easy to read, well-designed and with an excellent illumination.

Besides, you can check on its clear display, design and great comfort gained when wearing it. Interestingly, the Casio G-Shock GA-1000-8A watch brings such an experience. It is incredibly gorgeous, quite solid and offers you a perfect fit on your wrist.

Surprisingly, the functions of this watch are quite simple to locate, set up and operate. Besides, you can use this excellent watch to find your zone, identify the compass direction and apply the temperature gauge function.

You’ll also find how easy it really is to set date and time. Its visible hour markers are very clear for you to make any adjustments. The versatile nature of this watch makes it exceptional. It will hardly leave your wrist once you get it!


Below is a detailed review of Casio G-Shock GA-1000-8A Aviation Series Watch. Check it out:

Digital Compass

How efficient is the compass function? Apparently, it is fun to use and highly responsive. First, it is meant to help you make corrections to different time zones. You might be a traveler and need to consistently change your zone.

This watch will work best for you. Surprisingly, the compass directions are accurate and specific. Actually, each time you press a button, it automatically points to the magnetic north.

This implies that you can always understand which direction to head to when you’ve lost your way. This applies especially for the North bearing.

Gorgeous Design

A good watch that comes with an appealing outlook is quite fascinating, isn’t it? This best tactical watch is truly a stunner! Its color blends well on your wrist and it’s worth staring at it.

Its blue second hand together with its lume makes it glow with unique lighting. It appears quite solid (with 3D depth) and comfortable while wearing. You will note that it comes with UV back light that is absolutely functional.

This makes the illumination quite impressive thus easy for you to read. Besides, its ability to support night time viewing makes it phenomenal!

Water Resistant

Are you a deep sea diver? There’s no need to be concerned when buying this watch. It some other case, it might be a rainy season and you are wondering whether this watch will be effective.

Apparently, this watch is resistant to water. For divers, this extends up to 200m under water. Why is this feature essential to you? This implies that your Casio G-Shock watch will be quite durable and last for long.

The ability of this watch to withstand any pressure while still submerged under water makes it exceptional. Thus, whether you are swimming, surfing or diving underneath the water, your peace of mind is assured.

Functional Thermometer

Actually, you might be eager to know your current surrounding temperature, right? From this best tactical watch reviews, it is clear that Casio G-Shock GA-1000-8A watch has integrated this unique feature.

This inbuilt thermometer checks on the temperature at close time intervals. The display can either be in the form of Fahrenheit or Celsius. It is very important to realize that some factors will influence changes in temperature recorded.

For instance; Your body temperature, moisture and direct sunlight. How then can you get the most accurate temperature? You can remove the watch, wipe any moisture or place it in a ventilated location.


It is notable that the inverted digital display is bright and well-presented. This is meant to offer you a great angular viewing that is quick to read. Whether you are using the stopwatch, alarms or other operating functions, the entire process is deemed to be intuitive and simple for you.

Besides, the watch has integrated luminescent hands and the night view illumination. What does this imply?

You can always get the best night time viewing with ease regardless of your location. Additionally, the backlight also exhibits great display that will exceed your expectations.


  • Since it offers you great value than expected, it is worth the price.
  • The directions provided are easy to set up on different operating functions
  • You will find the display quite clear, easy to view (for daylight and night time viewing)
  • The entire display is incredibly gorgeous; get ready to enjoy a great moment once it is tied to your wrist!
  • Highly versatile; you can wear it on formal events, while diving or surfing and even on daily occasions.


  • Some users stated that the compass features malfunction and was irresponsive
  • The watch appears to be quite big thus not fitting well to some users


In summary, there are many typical watches in the market today, right? They have been designed uniquely by different manufacturers. Can they all satisfy your needs? No.

However, from the features displayed by the Casio G-Shock GA-1000-8A Aviation watch, this shows how impressive it is. Its thermometer and compass functions are accurate. The gorgeous display and fantastic design will fascinate you.

Clearly, its comfortable nature and functionality are meant to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Thus, we can conclude by saying that this is simply one the best tactical watches you can come across. Its great value for you is indeed worth the price!

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