• Sunday , 22 April 2018

5 Ways to Improve the Sales of Your Kids’ Store

Do you wish to increase the sales of kids clothing? Then it is important to know about your customers well. Psychology has been doing this job of studying the customers’ brain for many decades as to know that what clicks and what not. Scientists have discovered that though people behave too irrationally, yet their brains tend to follow particular rules regarding buying. Retailers can make use of this knowledge for designing more effectual strategies for boosting sales plus developing customer satisfaction. Following are the five effective ways to improve the sales of your store:

  • Don’t propose too many alternatives – Customers certainly like choices but too many choices turn paralyzing and this is also known as “paradox of choice”. When the matter narrows down to buying children’s clothes then too many choices will never work in your favor. The lesson for the retailers is very simple; you must limit the color options, brand options and the flavors of your store. If by chance, you offer many alternatives then you will end up selling fewer products.
  • Confuse and distract shoppers – When customers get interrupted during their shopping phase, they tend to lose concentration and turn less price-sensitive and this has been proved by many studies. For increasing sales, you must distract shoppers by digital signals, vocal pop-up advertisements and your employee can also ask questions like, “May I help you?” So, when people shift their attention to the products after an interruption, they end up buying more plus spend more.
  • Introduction of loyalty programs – Loyalty programs turn as a superb tool for the retailers. The loyalty programs supply vital insights into the customer’s preferences and based on studies, they make customers feel happier. According to a 2006 study, it was discovered that customers who received a rewards card for one café chatter longer and smiled more during their shopping process.
  • Include an expensive item for selling middle-of-the-road materials – When parents are buying clothes for their kids they tend to choose products that have a good quality. The majority of the customers do not wish to select the cheapest option but wish to get good quality clothes for their bucks. You can influence this attitude for increasing the sales of particular items by including an excessively costly substitute in a similar product category. There are many buyers who prefer the middle-of-the-road clothes as they look affordable plus a good bargain in comparison to the higher-priced products.
  • Make use of elicit emotions – Emotional messages turn easier to recollect and they are more effectual in comparison to rational messages. Nonetheless, not every emotion is developed to be equal. The kids clothing wholesaler Suncity makes the customers buy more by developing a positive shopping mind-set by the implementation of emotional messages. As a result, people surely end up making a purchase.

When you have known what your audience thinks and the processes that make them tick then you can easily adjust your strategy for turning more effectual. However, you have to make sure that you are using the correct approach required for your industry as well as for the target market.

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