• Tuesday , 24 April 2018

5 Not to miss tips on The Staple Office Attire- Shirts And Trousers

Why do these words shirts for women, blazers for women, trousers for women arouse a level of interest in our thought process or why does an image of a smart sexy woman comes in our mind when we think of these attires? The answers to the said questions are not very difficult but one thing evidently comes in mind is The Style as it is one thing that is acquired well in a work environment.2

Most of the women these days spend a lot of times in offices like the men and have to follow some work and clothes ethics laid down by the office authorties. Investing several hours in a particular setup such as a workplace requires an individual to not only dressed smartly but also comfortably as it is the single thing that can spruce up the routine of going to work daily. Apparels like shirts for women and trousers for women when paired with sharp blazers for women make a woman look authoritative and powerful in the place filled with dominating men.2

I have a very close friend who is working as a teacher in a public school, every morning she has the whole routine, the same set of friends and sometimes all this can be a drag too, so what keeps her charged up and motivates her to go to school every morning, it’s going to sound quite cliché, but its dressing up nicely every morning. So, every night before she sleeps, she has this ritual of selecting the clothes for the next day and laying in front of her bed with matching pair of sandals. This helps her to immediately feel charged up the next morning and the dull morning suddenly becomes cheerful and planned. The whole weary day ahead does not seem so long and boring after all this. All this planning may seem ridiculous or cumbersome to some, but if it just perks her up for the day ahead then why not!2




In any case, I am a firm believer of the saying that you value time only then time values too, just imagine the time saved in the mornings when you don’t have to stand in front of our open cupboard to decide what to wear in the morning. What do you get, well, maybe five minutes extra on the bed or ten minutes extra with your spouse or kids, it may be anything but when you reach your office early in the morning wearing a well planned outfit, looking like million bucks it will surely help you earn some brownie points. And you can answer in a nonchalant manner and say Oh-this-old-thing-that-I-picked-at-the-last-minute when you are showered with compliments.

Generally, we all fall in the same routine where we do not want to make an effort to get out of the bed and simply love the comfort our snug pyjamas provide more than anything else, but the need to show up every morning in one of the crisp shirts for women with matching trousers for women gets us women going.2






Every office has their own set of clients and a formal work culture demands respect from its employees in the form of being immaculately dressed at all times. The most effective thing about shirts for women is that they are available in numerous designs and can be dressed up or down. Shirts and blazers for women not only add a glamorous touch, but the materials used to make these are super flexible these days making them a comfortable wear.


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